Creative energy and the optimistic trust revolutionized the history of the end of the century when Nice became, together with Cannes and Mentone, a fixed appointment for the world elite. Grand hotels and building evoke dreams and luxury, and seem to sing an anthem to pleasure.
In 1913, the noted Swiss hotelier Baumgartner commissioned architect Charles Dalmas for the project of the building which, today, hosts the Boscolo Nice. Originally called "Hotel du Rhin", it was intentionally built in the heart of the city, immersed in the green and in the peace of the Boulevard Victor Hugo, far from the more worldly area, immediately boasting a lucky and bourgeois clientele, that preferred the  exclusivity of the quiet, rather than the crowds of the waterfront. The classic facade in Belle Epoque style and the notable decor of the interior, inspired by the 1700s, seduce those who look for elegance, charm and style.
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