The gentle Mediterranean breezes that caress it, and its mild and temperate climate, feed the fascination of the chicest city of the French Riviera. The pleasant temperatures, with extremely mild winters, make it a destination appreciated year round. The blue sea can be enjoyed from spring to the beginning of autumn, from the beaches or from the exclusive yachts that dot the skyline.


The history of Nice has antique roots, but looking around, the city expresses the charm of the Belle Epoque, dotted with buildings and castles, mansions of aristocrats and bourgeois who came to winter here. The light of Nice bewitched Matisse, who wove a connection of love with the city that lasted until his death. He wasn't the only artist, however, to be enchanted by the aristocratic and relaxed atmosphere of this jewel. The numerous museums and many galleries serve as witness of the attention that the greatest protagonists of art reserved for the city; it's shown in the collections held in the Matisse Museum, the Chagall Museum, in the masterpieces of MAMAC and in the famous School of Nice: after Paris, in fact, it is the city with the highest number of museums and galleries in France.


The most popular event of the city is Carnival: for two weeks in the month of February, Nice hosts a party, with parades featuring allegorical floats and the battle of flowers, which attract visitors from around the world. The schedule of events in Nice is rich and covers the entire year. In June, it hosts the Ironman, one of the best-known sporting events of the world. For fortunate guests who visit in summer, the Nice Jazz Festival and Crazy Week are not-to-be-missed events. In winter, the magical Christmas atmosphere doesn't miss the city kissed by the sun: December is the month of the Christmas Village, with a rich calendar of events linked to the holiday.


Joie de vivre of the pearl of the French Riviera is a lifestyle. The city has a relaxed pace of life, made up of walks along the promenade, aperitifs sipped in trendy locales, parties that animate the nights of the most famous discos. You can feel a sophisticated atmosphere, and even the market of Cours Saleya has a composed soul: the stands look like open air boutiques, side by side, like works of art. From the terraces of the cafes and restaurants, one may taste all the specialities of the area, with an extraordinary view over the bay.


Looking at the statistics, Nice is one of the cities most faithful to the theme of eco-sustainability. An ambitious project put it in the running for Greenest City of the Mediterranean. A natural and still intact landscape, an enchanting stretch of marine coast, and the characteristic architecture with streets and passageways that open onto sleepy little squares, make Nice a paradise of quiet, in which to find tranquility and peace. The green lung of the city is the Promenade du Paillon, an urban park that includes the river, an oasis of vegetation in the city center where visitors can recuperate and recharge.